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Flippin Fun Dance Studio

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Flippin Fun Dance Studio


Sarah Sutherland - owner


247 Sweet Rd, Lincoln, ME 04457, USA

Welcome to our website!

While we are listed as a dance studio, our primary focus is on the needs of our community.  At this time our tumbling classes are in high demand.  In these classes, our teachers utilize the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus.  We do this in order to maintain consistency between teachers.  This ensures that all students are receiving the same corrections for an optimal learning environment.  We take pride in our students success and hope to help them build the confidence needed to be successful tumblers.  I have attached a link above for the Acrobatic Arts Website so that you can check it out!

As mentioned above, we are a dance studio and we do offer dance and competition team classes.  All dance classes are taught by our Competition Team Director who follows dance progressions based on her own personal experience and research.